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If you have tax debt and want to make a fresh start, bankruptcy might be an option for you. However, if your tax liability is one of the main reasons for your bankruptcy, you first need to confirm that you can include it in the bankruptcy.

The IRS has certain rules for the discharge of tax debts in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including:

  • The due date for filing a tax return was at least three years prior to the bankruptcy filing.
  • The tax return was filed at least two years ago.
  • The tax assessment is at least 240 days old.
  • The tax return was not fraudulent.
  • There was no attempted tax evasion.

Under the Statute of Limitations on Collections, the Internal Revenue Service has 10 years to collect back taxes, although certain events may extend or suspend the statute of limitations and keep it from expiring. If you have filed for bankruptcy and you have received a notice from the IRS about back taxes, balances due, missing returns, or a tax audit, you should seek the professional representation of an IRS tax defense attorney.

We’ll help you understand your rights

The IRS has extensive authority and tools at its disposal to collect outstanding federal tax liabilities, but if the basic criteria are met, your tax debt may be dischargeable under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is critical to know and understand your rights and responsibilities as a taxpayer, including any civil collection defenses available to you under federal law.

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