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Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

Farmington, Connecticut attorneys give clients an aggressive defense against foreclosure

Foreclosure defense is the act of raising legal defenses in answer to a foreclosure action. Homeowners have the right to raise any legitimate defenses to require their lender to prove that it actually has the right to foreclose on their home. This is not as complicated as it may sound, and homeowners should never just assume that they have no defense to a foreclosure action.

Legal strategies for a foreclosure defense

Mortgage foreclosure defense can include a number of different legal strategies that a homeowner may take to stop or delay a foreclosure action. Although not always the case, foreclosure defense can sometimes be more effective than Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy because it can give a homeowner time to:

  • Bring their loan current
  • Sell the home
  • Propose a mortgage modification
  • Offer a cash settlement

Lender practices that violate homeowner rights

During the past few years many lenders have engaged in predatory practices, violations of the Truth in Lending Act, and securitizing loans as part of a bundle to investors, all legitimate defenses to foreclosure.

Many lenders attempt to foreclose on homeowners prematurely, by mistake, or without following the proper procedures, and bank errors are frequently not just simple technical mistakes and sometimes may actually constitute serious violations of the rights of a homeowner.

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