Homeowners have options to avoid foreclosure in Florida

Foreclosure is the last thing that a homeowner wants to hear. It can feel like a lifetime of investment in a property is at risk and about to disappear if a lender wants to reclaim a home or commercial location. But it is not as easy for the dream to die, and there are options that can prevent the loss of the property.

The process of foreclosure generally begins with a sheriff or a marshal, the law enforcement professionals who are responsible for asset forfeiture at the local and federal levels. This person or agency will serve homeowners with a summons, which generally brings people to court to answer a complaint that could lead to foreclosure. A copy of the complaint should also be included.

Florida may require mediation regarding a foreclosure complaint, which may give the subject of the complaint a chance to avoid the loss of the property. This free program may be part of the initial pack of paperwork.

In general, people do not have to file an answer to a foreclosure complaint. This is only done if people think there is no good reason to face foreclosure, such as an error or unregistered payment. If this applies, it is generally submitted to the court as a questionnaire with the property owner’s responses.

Anyone who is facing the process of foreclosure can consult with an attorney. Legal representation may be helpful in the effort to save a home, especially if an answer is required to foreclosure complaints. No one should have to go to court without a lawyer.