Stigma of bankruptcy exists, although unnecessarily

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Our team at the Grafstein & Arcaro, LLC understands that the prospect of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming and frightening for Connecticut residents. You might receive conflicting advice from numerous friends and associates. Bankruptcy should only be used as a last resort, they say, and it will ruin your credibility for life. They may also say you will be embarrassed if your employer finds out, or you may have difficulty finding a job if you are seeking employment with a personal bankruptcy on your record. It can give you a great deal of peace of mind to learn that these claims are largely outdated and untrue.

According to the Balance, a stigma against filing for bankruptcy persists, despite bankruptcy being more common these days than in years past. Many lenders understand the dilemma that people face when they are confronted with insurmountable debt and unexpected financial situations. Soon after your bankruptcy discharge, you may have options for obtaining new loans and rebuilding your credit that you did not realize were possible.

It is true that the months and years following a bankruptcy may be more challenging than if you had no financial difficulties in the first place. You will need to learn new ways of managing your money and borrowing carefully, to avoid falling back into the same problems. Since you will not be allowed to file for bankruptcy again for several years, making wise financial choices will be more important than ever. However, you need not fear the social and professional embarrassment of bankruptcy that people may have warned you about. Our page on bankruptcy explains more about your debt relief options.