Do I need to complete new chapter 13 forms?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Chapter 13

You might be confused regarding some of the recent changes in both the District of Connecticut and the federal chapter 13 bankruptcy procedures, most notably the revised forms. Your new document requirements are part of an ongoing initiative by the Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules, a program which began in 2008 and, more recently, had a significant milestone in 2015 with a national overhaul of various forms. Once again, as of this December, this program might require you to complete new versions of previously completed forms.

First of all, if you are unsure as to whether you are applying for chapter 13 rather than another type of bankruptcy, here are a few of the reasons you might be doing so:

  • To save your home
  • To reduce interest payments
  • To stop creditor harassment

Even if you are involved with a different type of bankruptcy, the courts might require you to complete new forms.

The United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut Branch, issued some information outlining the changes in the paperwork you need to complete for bankruptcies.  As of December 1, 2017, you need the new versions of the forms: The courts no longer accept the older ones.

If you happen to submit an outdated form by mistake, there is still recourse. The court will likely issue a notice that gives you five days to complete the new paperwork. If you are unable to supply the correct paperwork in the time allowed, the court might start the process of dismissing your case. This information is not intended as legal advice, but rather to inform and educate you about current concerns in the bankruptcy courts.