Knowledgeable Small Business Bankruptcy Attorneys

When you run a small business, you have a lot of exposure to risk. Changes in the broader economy can quickly eat reserves and leave your business distressed. What happens when your small business fails? Often, owners are left in financial ruin since more is involved than asset liquidation.

By consulting with Advanced Bankruptcy Legal Services of Connecticut in Connecticut, you will receive answers to questions, options for taking action and guidance for dealing with a small business bankruptcy.

When Your Business Suffers

Creating and running a small business is the “American Dream” of many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many business owners have refinanced their home mortgages, cashed out retirement and savings accounts and accumulated credit card debt to cover company expenses.

With statistics indicating that many business startups fail, what happens to the debt when the business closes? Frequently, the owner is held liable for the business’s liabilities.

Protecting Your Interests

If your entrepreneurial dream has become a nightmare, it is important to speak with our bankruptcy attorneys. We are very experienced in business cases and know how to protect your interests when your business is in trouble.

Our attorneys will conduct an exemption analysis to determine which debts might remain your personal responsibility. We also determine whether it is in your best interest to claim business and/or personal bankruptcy and file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.

For decades, our attorneys have successfully helped numerous individuals, families and small business owners find a financial fresh start through bankruptcy. Clients and colleagues, recognizing our ability and experience, frequently refer “tough cases” to us.

During the past few decades, we have worked with many business owners dealing with catastrophic changes in the economy, and we have the experience to help you today.

Call Us For Help

Our attorneys help you complete the means test to determine your bankruptcy eligibility and provide meaningful counsel to help you choose the most effective strategy for you. Call our New Britain office at 860-674-8003 or our Bloomfield office at 860-242-0574  or contact us online to make an appointment to discuss your business.