Bankruptcy Law Basics

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. Often, it comes after a job loss, medical problems or a family crisis, such as divorce. At Advanced Bankruptcy Legal Services of Connecticut, our attorneys help individuals and small business owners decide if bankruptcy is the right choice for them.

We Are Your Solution

For decades, the attorneys at Advanced Bankruptcy Legal Services of Connecticut have helped people move past creditor threats and the financial challenges of debt by filing for bankruptcy or completing non-bankruptcy workouts. If you, your family or your business is in financial difficulty, contact our firm. We offer services such as:

  • The means test: Determining your eligibility to file for consumer bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Receiving a fresh start and protecting your future income through debt discharge
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Creating a payment plan to resolve your debts in a timely manner
  • Non-bankruptcy workouts: Resolving your debts without filing for bankruptcy
  • Real estate: Protecting your home from creditor foreclosure or the bankruptcy-related selling and buying of homes
  • Small business bankruptcy: Managing personal liability for the debts of your failed small business
  • Corporate insolvency law: Closing your small businesses without bankruptcy or other financial implications

When the weight of debt becomes too much, the team at Advanced Bankruptcy Legal Services of Connecticut can help you deal with the threats of foreclosure, repossession, garnished wages and lawsuits.

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